June 4th, 2010 by Glendyn

Working out what it can be. Rather than what it is

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  1. Alexander Says:

    Hey there, just want to say thanks for the posts. Its great to get an insight into your process. Thanks for sharing. Are those rows of index cards organised by act? So top row is act 1, 2nd row is act 2 etc?

  2. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Scott,
    I think those cards made up only ‘act one’. Way to many scenes at this stage, but some of them are ideas for scenes, and some will be condensed etc…
    Your site looks good. I saw ‘Lapse’ recently and really liked it. I loved seeing ‘Bea Smith’ on screen again! Well done.

  3. Alexander Says:

    Ah I see! Cool. Act one ‘build the machine!’.
    Thanks for checking out the site and good luck writing!

  4. Duane Says:

    how does one find the time to write? what with work, family, life…
    I must admit I struggle to string together more than an hour here and there????
    the beast that is a feature, daunting yet exciting…

  5. Tristan Says:

    Awesome stuff dude! I sure know that scene – laptop, scattered notes, cup of tea and the a view of the great beyond.

  6. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Duane, I know the feeling of trying t make the work – family – life balance. But currently I writing and developing films is my ‘work’, while I take a break from commercials. I have one more week to go… then I’m onto $omething else for a 6 weeks. Then I’ll go back to writing / developing. It’s definatley hard getting the balance right.

    I struggle at the best times of times to. I am the worst procrastinator, ever. Hence taking ‘photos’ and blogging about writing, when I could be actually doing the writing : )

    I remember a quote from David Lynch (which I’ve tried to find to quote here but I can’t…) where he said. If you want to paint for one hour, you need five hours to do it. That is four hours of fucking around and one hour of actual work.

    I love the clip on the front page your website. It works in some ways like a ‘Visual CV / Bio’ of who you are. Who would have thought pugs and old school Sale of the Century would cut together so well! Great edit!

  7. Duane Says:

    Thanks Glendyn,
    very true. Nice to hear that lynch has the same struggles as us all.
    Good luck with your last week of writing –
    bought the last ride DVD and really enjoyed the extras (and film)
    was great to see the finshed piece after ready your blog
    take care

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