August 26th, 2011 by Glendyn

So good hearing the West Memphis Three were finally released from prison over the weekend after 18 crazy years. I have kept up to date with the three guys over the last fourteen years or so after I first saw the documentary Paradise Lost back in 1997 at the Melbourne International Film Festival. I remember that night very clearly. I remember the cinema (The Forum) the seat I sat in (6 rows from the front, middle section, two in from the left aisle) and that I don’t think I moved from the edge of my seat from the very first frame, till the last, I don’t think I breathed either.

Quite simply, Paradise Lost changed my life. It’s one of the most, if not the most engaging film I’ve ever seen, it’s the film that convinced me to quit my job and apply to film school.

If you haven’t seen Paradise Lost, stop what you are doing right now and begin. Or better still buy it here and enjoy part two Paradise Lost ‘Revelations’ as well. I can’t wait for Part three ‘Revelatioins’, which I’m sure will be getting a re-cut right about now. A trilogy 18 years in the making, and now with a happy ending!

Hard to imagine how these guys can adjust to any kind of ‘normal life’ after losing their childhoods and for one Damien, spending seventeen out of the last eighteen years on death row, for a crime he (and they) did not commit. I wish them all the best!

Tons of info about their release and the campaign to set them free over the years over at wm3.org

Also, where I be today without the soundtrack to Paradise Lost!?

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  1. Kriv Stenders Says:

    I didn’t hear the news of their release. Feel like I’ve been under a rock. I’m dumbstruck. Like you, I have been obsessed with this story for a long time.

  2. giovanni Says:

    Just watched part 2 Revelations. I was totally unaware of its existence! Thanks again for another good recommendation!

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