May 24th, 2011 by Glendyn

I saw this clip the other day and it’s really stayed with me. I have boxes of old Video 8, SVHS, Mini DV and now HD data I have shot from the late 80’s until now and I’ve been tempted to get it all transferred to hard drives. But with all the hours of footage I have gathering dust I could never cut a backwards chronological time sequence like this guy has. It’s quite cool seeing this guy ‘grow’ younger, and interestingly, I think he looks much happier at the beginning of the clip, when he is older. I would love to see a more expanded version of a longitudinal diarised film like this.

6 Responses to “TIME TRAVELER”

  1. dean Says:

    Saw this and thought of you.. time travel and all.


  2. Karen Gray Says:

    Hmm, interesting…kinda cool. I think I admire the guys commitment to take that footage for all those years. Not many people would actually carry it through. Can always rely on this blog for quirky stuff Glendyn. Keep it coming!

  3. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Dean. Amazing photographs. The one with the houses in the foreground and factories in the background is so surreal! And I love the one of the women having lunch at the edge of the field. Looks like a church social or something. So much ‘life’ in that shot. Thanks.

  4. Kriv Stenders Says:

    Hi Glendyn. Re: Time Travel. Check out a movie called TARNATION by Jonathan Caouette.

  5. Glendyn Says:

    Hey Kriv! I’ve seen Tarnation. I thought it was amazing, it is exactly that an incredible story carved out of ‘home footage’. Very brave! Hope you are well! Where is RED DOG at? G

  6. Kriv Stenders Says:

    Yeah. I loved it too. Amazing film, with a great music score too, from memory. Enjoying HOAXVILLE. Always something refreshing to look/think about. As for RED DOG, we go into the breach on August 11th. K

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