December 27th, 2010 by Glendyn

Finished the offline with Pete at The Butchery for the commercial we shot last week…

Then jumped in the car for a two day solo road trip through country Victoria and New South Wales to my home town of Tamworth…

More photos after the break…

Arrived to find my father in-law Keith, waiting patiently for Santa.

And Super Natalie and the kids who flew up a few days before.

Three weeks holidays! yipeee!

8 Responses to “THIS WEEK”

  1. Jan De Roos Says:

    great pictures, really captures the roadtrip feeling

  2. Chris Says:

    I want to live in Hoaxville – not just two doors West!

  3. Jak Says:

    Gorgeous pics! Hope you have a great rest over the holidays :)

  4. Glendyn Says:

    Thanks Jan and Jak.

    @Chris. There will always be a room for you at Hoaxville!

  5. Jane Says:

    welcome home. We’ve turned the heater on for you.

  6. Glendyn Says:

    Yes Jane… freakin HOT!

  7. Jane Says:

    Consider it Tamworth’s Christmas present to you. And tomorrow will be worse. But on the bright side – you’re not in Melbourne.

  8. Chris Hocking Says:

    Love the 4th photo down! Beautiful…

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