April 29th, 2011 by Glendyn

…not sure how this could ever be a ‘planned’ scene, unless those birds are CGI. But I like to think it’s a wonderful example of a cast and crew working intuitively and responsively to any given moment. A process where everyone is in synch. Where the director creates an atmosphere and gives ‘permission’ for moments for this to occur and develop. I think it’s about being open to every moment and ultimately being well and truley ‘in the moment’. Which with all the pressures of time and money and in this scene, fading light, I find as a director the absolute hardest thing to be… but moments like the above remind me to keep at the forefront of my mind. Regardless of what I’m expecting, planning or needing from a scene, ultimately the most important thing to happen, is the thing that is happening right there and then.

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  1. christian Says:


  2. Micca Says:

    That’s pretty incredible, thanks for sharing.

  3. Karen Gray Says:

    Deep, but absolutely true…

  4. Tim Says:


  5. Jak Says:

    That’s a beautiful moment, thanks for sharing it – and for the reminder that you can’t take ‘the moment’ for granted, that you’ve got to be open to it.

  6. gio Says:

    It is a common thing in Rome as well, usually in spring time (very frequently over Termini Station). There, the fleet tend to fly for an hour or so every day, covering always the same area. So I would think that it is not too hard to make a good shot out of that.

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