The Burning Leaves

January 26th, 2009 by Glendyn

I was passed some demos by a band called The Burning Leaves about a year ago and after listening once, I knew straight away that they had to play a part in the film in some way. I wrote them a love letter and asked if we could use one of their tracks in the film. They have been a pleasure to work with since.
The Burning Leaves are a young duo from ‘The North’ of England that are currently building a whole lot of buzz. Their delicate and haunting songs are all recorded on their home 8-track studio. It’s this lo-fi approach that helps capture a certain warmth and immediacy in their sound. The kind of quality that gets bled out of the majority of recordings once they enter larger ‘professional’ studios.
I’m really pleased that these guys are part of the film. They will have an album out soon it seems. I hope it’s real soon… I want to be their biggest fan!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Have just seen the film "Last Ride" – which was amazing but their music at the end credits, i believe the song is called HOME is absolutley stunning!
    I have been looking for the films soundtrack EVERYWHERE just so i can have a copy of this song but i cant find it.
    Is there anywhere i can get it in the UK? If so could someone please email me to let me know (

    R x

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