June 28th, 2011 by Glendyn

I once made a single take, real time, split screen video clip (shit, 10 years ago… really!?). But not even You Am I could come close to matching the explosive energy and visual poetry of this stunning split screen composite of the recent Space Shuttle Endeavour launch. Find five minutes and click full screen!

You can see the original footage (and way more cool space footage) here. Thanks NASA!

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  1. Kriv Stenders Says:

    Amazing ! Thanks Glendyn. I’m an old space nut. Can still remember seeing the live moon landing when I was four. When I was at shcool they toured one of the original Gemini capusles aournd various shopping malls. I kept going to see it every afernoon at my local mall until they let me sit in it. Sublime moment for me.

  2. Glendyn Says:

    Hey Kriv, thats a great memory and I’m glad your persistence paid off! Speaking of great NASA footage… have you seen this Herzog film…?

    I think you would really dig it!

  3. Kriv Stenders Says:

    Yes. Have been meaning to get this. For me the definitive space doco is FOR ALL MANKIND by Al Reinert. Have you seen it ? Just the moon astronauts talking against their amazing raw footage (camera starts and stops and all) set to Brian Eno music.

  4. Ben Brink Says:

    WOW! thanks Glendyn.

  5. Ben Brink Says:

    P.S have you been researching space for Beconsfield? from the photos i get a bit a space vibe.

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