October 24th, 2010 by Glendyn

Last week I went to a taxidermist to research an element of a film I’m developing which I haven’t mentioned here (yet).

Needless to say the place was pretty fascinating. I’ve always found taxidermy and the process itself interesting. This particular place was large and sterile and they delt with a huge number of dead things from both here and over seas. It was very ‘factory’ like. I’m actually looking for something a little more, shall we say ‘backyard’.

Also… on this same day while riding home from the office I crashed my motorcycle when a driver changed lanes and didn’t “look left, look right, look bike’! I ended up slamming into the gutter and breaking my arm. So while I may not be as stuffed as our little friends above I am a little battered and bruised and will be typing with one hand for the next five weeks or so. Bummer.

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  1. Rhys Says:

    G, the taxidermist where we filmed the sequences for ‘Skin’ is an incredible place to go. Very much ‘backyard’ as it is, in fact, in a backyard, complete with cages of dingoes alongside the workshop, glass reptile and snake tanks built into the kitchen walls… and the taxidermist is a really lovely dude. I’ll try fish out some pics and .movs at some point. Or, if you’re passing through Goulburn, let me know and I’ll pass on his details. Hope yr recovering all right. Rg

  2. Glendyn Says:

    Hey Rhys. Thanks. Might almost warrant a road trip!

  3. King Monday Says:


    There is an absolutely cracking documentary on taxidermy:

    It’s a ripper. Well worth checking out if you can find it/download it etc.


  4. Glendyn Says:

    Thanks King!

  5. Aaron Says:

    Howdy I organized the car the bonds TVC.i was checking out your blog like you said wasting time searching for distractions! My flatmates best mates dad is a taxidermist down in gippsland I think who is very much a backyard guy if your interested let me know and I will get details and see what happens!

  6. Glendyn Says:

    Hey Aaron, Thanks! I’ll give you a call and chat about mates dad. Sounds good. G. ps: The car in ‘Bonds’ came up a treat! Will get you a copy when complete.

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