Stranded in Canton

March 1st, 2010 by Glendyn

Every time I see a photograph by William Eggleston I have to stop and look at it. I have spent hours pouring over every page of his books. He is one of those photographers that help you see the world differently. He trains your eye, your perception and keeps you on guard for the unexpected.
Spare but richly hued Egglestons’ work is most well known for his colour photography some even calling him the ‘grandfather of colour photography’.
However, I only recently came across a feature length documentary he made in 1973. It was shot on one of the first ‘portable’ Sony video cameras. It’s one of the most cinematically pure observational documentaries I think I’ve ever seen. And it’s in Black and White!
It’s long (click here to watch it bigger) but well worth it. If you are not sure, just watch the first few minutes… pure poetry!

4 Responses to “Stranded in Canton”

  1. Matt Says:

    Where does one find such books?

  2. Glendyn Ivin Says:

    Hi Matt, have a huge selection. I've placed in a link in the text above.

    All good bookshops should have a Eggleston book or two as well.



  3. Matt Says:


    Thanks for the info.

    Are you familiar with the work of Indian photographer, Raghu Rai?

    I could look at his images all day.



  4. Glendyn Ivin Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Not familiar with Raghu Rai, but the images are amazing! But he is with Magnum so enough said!



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