January 16th, 2014 by Glendyn

A short and very beautiful observational docco (shot by a young Dean Semler) about group of kids killing time on their bikes in inner city Sydney 1976. Wonderful how it unobtrusively observes the kids who are surrounded by factories, drunks and boredom and how they escape through imaginations and fantasy. “S.W.A.T”

Who is documenting and I mean really observing and unobtrusively documenting Australian life like this these days…?

Thanks Damian for the link! It’s quite similar to the film On the Waves Of The Adriatic which I listed below as one of my Favourite Australian Films of all time.

Rui is on the National Film and Sound Archives Youtube channel. There is some amazing stuff there!

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  1. The King Says:

    This is awesome man. Soooooooo good. Childhood!

  2. Eddie Says:

    I love how different the Australian accent was back then…

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