December 5th, 2009 by Glendyn

Some photos taken over the last couple of weeks while searching for locations…

Currently in the thick of pre-production for one of the biggest commercials I’ve done. A ton of locations spread far and wide across the state (and the world! heading to China to shoot part of the campaign on Jan 1st : ) need to be found.
One of the things I love most about making any kind of production, whether it be a film, clip or commercial is the search for locations. The perfect room, the perfect house, the perfect field, mountain, road. The perfect whatever.
Infact, I have always found it one of the greatest privileges of being a filmmaker. To be invited into a strangers home, to be offered a cup of tea and a tour. To be taken to and given access to beautiful, ugly, broken and old, shiny and new, important or forgotten, even secret places. To have doors and gates opened that would normally be closed. To be given little windows into other peoples worlds.

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