Random China (pt1)

January 18th, 2010 by Glendyn

Back in Melbourne after two very cool weeks of shooting and travelling across China. The local Chinese production company were amazing to work with and delivered above and beyond what I expected. They worked very hard and have left me with not only great footage for the TVC’s, but also provided us with many great experiences and memories.
As I said in a post below Shanghai is an incredible city. It’s more Bladerunner than Tokyo, in fact I think it’s way more Bladerunner than Bladerunner (except there are no flying cars, yet…). I really fell for it in many ways. So many contradictions, it’s a very raw and at times confronting place but also a very cosmopolitan city (It is known as the Paris of the east), with great restaurants and galleries. Ultimately from where I was standing and looking only through travellers eyes, I feel it could be a very liveable city. I would love to spend more time there. Although seeing how quickly it is changing, by the time I get back there, it could be a very different city again.
The shoot also took us high up into the mountains of South-West China into the provence of Yunnan where after two flights and a seven hour mini-bus journey across and through some of the most steep and rocky mountainous passes we found ourselves at our destination, the incredibly lush Lugu Lake.

It would be so great to go back and shoot a film. Perhaps just a short. While I was there, my mind was constantly filled with random images, sequences and scenes from possible stories that could be easily and simply shot there. There is so much life and energy on the streets, it’s all there, waiting.

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  1. Jonathan Fisher Says:

    Great photos. I'd love to see the film you'd make in China. Such a unique place — "more like Blade Runner than Blade runner." I like that!

    Crazy that all the blogs on the planet are blocked by the Government. You're right, despite the steps that China have taken in the last couple of decades, they're still well and truly on the back foot in terms of liberty and basic rights. If this is to be China's century, I think that will need to be addressed.

  2. McMad Says:

    i was in Shanghai for 3 weeks, back in 2008. It is very Blade Runner'y, thats for sure. But to live there, no way. Just wait till you have to deal with the authorities. I'm also pretty sure that the choice of English speaking TV Channels being limited to 2 local channels spewing forth communist propaganda would start to irritate me :D

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