March 12th, 2012 by Glendyn

Head down in pre-production. Locations, script, camera tests, casting and more.

Location scouting and recce-ing has been the main focus, but all the elements including wardrobe and make-up are coming into play. Because we are recreating 1970’s Australia, everything we see through the lens has to be considered and designed.

We have houses, businesses, streets and a whole high school to lock in. Luckily the ocean and parts of Cronulla beach are the same as they’ve alway been : )

It’s actually quite amazing how many houses are out there essentially ‘untouched’ and still ‘living in the 70’s’. Homes where newly weds built the house, moved in, bought all their stuff and then were just content to keep it that way. Quite nice really. So far removed from the consumerism of today. It says something about the period as well. Things were built to last then and why replace it, if it isn’t broken?

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  1. Di Smith Says:

    Love the shots!
    Takes me right back there.
    Only thing I miss from those beach views from the north are the sand dunes that have since been mined to build all those McMansions. There’s one small dune still left to stop the sea joining Botany Bay and making Kurnell an island .
    I think the mining started in the seventies. We used to hoon down the faces of the sandhills on cardboard so fast your cheeks looked like a skydiver’s.
    And there was that gruesome murder of the two teenage girls in those dunes in the sixties. Still unsolved .Maybe that’s why it feels okay that the sand is gone….

  2. Glendyn Says:

    Hey Di, I was quite surprised, when looking back at photos from the 70’s how much landscape had changed, not just buildings and cars, but the ‘actual landscape’. Those dunes were so big and really dominated the horizon line.

    Apparently the surf break at Greenhills is no longer as good, the dunes essentially protected that section from the north wind etc. It would be great to shoot some Sand dune surfing!

    Didn’t know about the murders…Creepy!


  3. Gary Roughley Says:

    Is that Stefan the Barber?
    I used to get my hair cut there back in the 80’s.
    6 buck haircuts saturday morning, he’d throw in a pack of bubble gum and you would passive smoke half a pack of durries!!

  4. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Gary, yeah I reckon it might be the same guy… he had a great collection of Cronulla Sharks posters going way back… THanks for stopping by. Glendyn

  5. Fiona Says:

    Loved both series…loved the detail. well done! Is there going to be a series 3?

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