July 4th, 2012 by Glendyn

I arrived back home in Melbourne today after locking off my last episodes in Sydney yesterday. And tonight Network Ten aired a three and half minute (!!!) ‘sneak peek’ of Puberty Blues.

I think we were all a little nervous of what a ‘first look’ might be like. But I think it sets a nice and inviting tone. It feels like the show in that it’s ultimately warm and character based and there is just a sniff of some of the darker territory the actual show delves much deeper into. Cool that Ten are supporting the series so early on with such a generous chunk of airtime!

Both Ashleigh who plays Debbie and Brenna who plays Sue called me immediatly afterwards shrieking down the phone giddy with excitement!


  1. Jack Clark Says:

    Hey Glendyn, looks fantastic and well done on locking it off. Would love to hear more about what you shot with the Blackmagic, and what kind of soundtracks you have used throughout the series!

  2. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Jack. There will be quite a few shots in the series that we shot on the Black Magic. It’s a really nice camera. It cuts really well with the Alexa. It was mainly used as a back up and or a an extra angle of coverage, which got me out of hot water more than a few times in the edit! Also John Brawley used in a simple underwater bag in the ocean. It’s so small and compact but delivers a beautiful image. I have a set of Leica R lenses with EF adaptors which helps as well.

    Music is really interesting in the series. Cant say to much just yet… but it won’t be what people are expecting! Very little 70’s hits. But when they are there it’s for a reason. No montages! Most of it feels ‘timeless’ which is how we approached all aspects of the show.


  3. Vicki Harding Says:

    It looks so good Glendyn – congratulations to you all. There is a real vibe about the show and I, for one, am grateful that such a classic has been re-created with care. My daughter has been in excellent hands.

  4. Glendyn Says:

    Thanks Vicky. We appretiate your trust and guidance along the way. I’m so grateful that we had Brenna as part of the show… I get chills when the promo says “…Brenna Harding as Sue…” Very exciting.

  5. Todd Brown Says:

    Curse you, geoblock!

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