August 15th, 2012 by Glendyn

Just in time for the premiere of Puberty Blues (on air tonight!) comes the republishing of the original book by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey. Long out of print and off the shelves, the new edition has been co-published just in the nick of time by Text Publishing and Random House.

“Puberty Blues is raw, humorous and honest: a compelling account of teenagers navigating the chaos of life. It is one of the great coming-of-age stories in Australia, and it remains as relevant now as when it was first written over three decades ago.”

Even though the series was developed to expand the world of the characters beyond the pages of the book, it’s the brutal honesty with which the story is told on the page that is the very essence of the story and we were very conscience to bring that same essence into the eight hours of TV.

As a huge fan of the book I was very chuffed that one of my photos of Debbie and Sue (taken on set while directing Episode 3) was used as the front cover image!



  1. Annie Says:

    Great first ep. thoroughly enjoyed it.

    And some really beautiful pics in here.

  2. karen Gray Says:

    Hello Glendyn, I have not visited your site in a while, but I have been watching Puberty Blues and was excited when I noticed that you directed episodes 1 and 3. I was 14 when this story hit the shelves the first time around and I remember going to the movies to see it. At the time it impacted on me but nothing like it has this time. Maybe it is because this time I am a mother, and have my own daughter who is starting to go through “puberty”, (who incidentally you ditrected in the KR Ad a couple of years back). You have a real talent for extracting “realness” from your cast. It is difficult for me to express what I mean here, but your characters are “awesomely real” warts and all, and each time I have watched some of your stuff those characters really get under my skin for different reasons. The episode tonight has left me particularly disturbed, moved, altered or something. Finding it difficult to extract the words, but hey, it left me speechless. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Karen

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