May 1st, 2013 by Glendyn

Not only did part of our Puberty Blues school location burn down recently… but what remains still standing has been vandalised beyond repair.

Got to give the kids some credit though, they obviously worked very hard and put alot of time and effort into this particular project. Every room, every surface, inside and out of the entire school has been smashed, tagged and sprayed.

I can see their individual report cards now… “If only he put as much energy into his school work as he did his vandalism!” 

3 Responses to “OLD SCHOOL”

  1. Sarah Fraser Says:

    That’s intense! Love the chair in the second photo. Clearly so exhausted after doing the entire school that moving a single chair was too much to ask.

  2. Micro Says:


  3. Aurora Says:

    It would be really interesting if you filmed in there as normal if one of the characters is self destructing….signifying the chaos in their minds.

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