July 12th, 2010 by Glendyn

I’m one third into my block of new TV Drama Offspring. I have found the shooting schedule to be pretty comfortable. Of course everyone would always like more time, but it’s not like I have been super rushed even though I do like to shoot quickly. We are shooting with two Red Cameras, which allows you to get through the coverage at a reasonable pace. I’m not the hugest fan of Red as a format, but I’m impressed by the image, and I’ve really enjoyed working with and getting know DOP John Brawly, who even after 9 weeks or so of shooting other eps, is still very much focused and enthusiastic.

The cast as I expected are amazing. On more than one occasion I was happy to move on after one take, because I could see no real reason to do another. They just nailed it. I’m an even bigger fan of Asher Keddie and Kat Stewart after this week. There is alot of laughter and even though there is a ton of set ups to get through each day, the set is reasonably calm and relaxed. Just the way I like it. Here’s hoping it it keeps going that way for the next couple of weeks. I know I have some ‘bigger days’ coming up…

All the car interiors are being shot on the Canon 5D. It has a different look to the RED, but I think with some tweaking in the grade it should cut it nicely. It definitely speeds up the process being able to throw a couple of 5D’s into the car and the cast (Asher above) to just go for a drive for real. No more low-loaders or traffic lock downs because you have cameras hanging on cars.  It’s cut the shooting time down immensely.

4 Responses to “OFFSPRING SHOOT week ONE”

  1. Alice Says:

    Great photos!

    I’m intrigued to hear you say you’re not a huge fan of the RED camera – I’ve generally only heard people rave about it. Could you expand upon your lack of love for RED?

  2. Ryley Says:

    Shoot the WHOLE THING on 5D, I say…

    Beautiful pics, man. Glad it’s going well.

  3. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Alice. I’m not a huge fan of RED mainly because i think it tries to simulate the look and feel of 35mm film but still feels ‘plastic’, even though it’s a pretty good plastic. I think this would be fine but the red camera is just as big and cumbersome as a 35mm film camera, and takes pretty much the same crew as a regular 35mm set up. Cost is pretty similar too. So for the similar price and crew requirements, you end up with an image that is not as good IMHO. In some situations it does look pretty amazing I will admit though. AND it has alot to do the DOP as well of course.

    The argument should really come down to ratio and how much you want, need and have to shoot. RED will be cheaper in the long run as there no cost for stock and development. But I think with careful planning 35 will still come in pretty competitively.

    It’s also not great in low light. Although today I shot with the new RED MX and it was very impressive in low light. Perhaps 2-3 stops better than the RED ONE.

    I guess this is why I get so excited about the 5D. The image is amazing, it has it;s own look and feel and it’s so usable and versatile. Cheap, accessible AND looks good. Thats never really been an option before until now.

    I can see another blog post coming on ; )

  4. Alice Says:

    Well argued, Glendyn! Yes, please continue your thoughts in another blog post. Always fascinating to hear news from the coalface.

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