July 29th, 2010 by Glendyn

I find it interesting when people concentrate on the negatives rather than the positives. Particularly when it comes to technology.

The hilarious animation above was sent to me five times yesterday. Although all the arguments the little bear ‘cinematographer’ give seem valid. I think the little bear ‘producer’ is making the most sense.

If you would like to argue, perhaps you should first watch the clip below. Directed by fellow Exiteer Garth Davis and shot by Greig Fraser, who tells me “there were no lights used at all” during the shoot. It was also made with a small crew, the only way of making (in this circumstance), the seemingly impossible, possible.

Ride was the ‘main event’ film that my film Playground (see post below) and my friend Jono’s film Peepshow was made in support of.

Greig used Panovision ‘film’ lenses on the 5D (using a PL mount). Which makes the 5D even more viable aesthetically. I have seen Ride at full rez and it’s even more beautiful. It would be just as stunning blown up and projected onto a cinema screen as well I’m sure. Screw you little cinematographer bear!

I promise this will be my last gushy 5D post for a while…

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  1. Daniel Stonehouse Says:

    Yes DSLR’s are fundamentally flawed cameras. Yes they do produce less than perfect images with serious technical weaknesses. Yes they are inefficient, mutant, frustrating freakish creatures, not as yet all they could (and will) be.

    But to paraphrase an old photographic saying, the best camera is the one you have. And the films you can, and do make, always trump films you can’t, and don’t.

  2. Glendyn Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Dan! The thing that excites me most about the 5D is not what it is right now… but what it will be in a year or two or three…

  3. Ari Says:

    What program did you use to make the fire? Maya? Hoodini? Major props on the film! I love it!

  4. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Ari, I did not direct the fire film RIDE, I directed Playground. Garth Davis directed RIDE and we are both part of the same production company. Most of the shots where you see skaters on fire is shot for real in camera! Pretty amazing!

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  6. Jeremy Says:

    This was beyond amazing.

  7. Ian Says:

    This is such a great example of how far you can take the image quality of the camera. I’ve noticed a trend in music videos and other projects shot on the 5D where nearly every shot has an extreme shallow dof and finished with a low/flat contrast look. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between the visual tone of this spot and the rest of the dir’s portfolio which is refreshing.

  8. Glendyn Says:

    Your very right Ian. I think alot of the 5D stuff you see is using the shallow DOF as a novelty and not about ‘story’. It feels gimicky because of it IMO. Regardless of the format it should be the story that dictates shooting style etc. I know that is how Greig approaches his work. Thanks for your feedback. ps: I really like your ‘Motion Blindness’ piece on Vimeo.

  9. Ian Says:

    Thanks! it was a final project for an academic/science class instead of a essay, the perks of going to an art college!

  10. Glendyn Says:

    My kind of college!

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