February 11th, 2012 by Glendyn

Why am I the 30 millionth person (on YouTube) to hear and see Lana Del Ray. I didn’t know anything about Lana Del Ray until yesterday when I read a newspaper article about why everyone in the world ‘hates’ her. So then I just had to go and see who and what people were all in a tiz about.

And now, I’m obsessed with her… which just proves that old saying “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.”

I don’t really care if she has ‘duck lips’ or she’s the daughter of some rich guy or she changed her name, or she’s too pretty / ugly or can or can’t sing. I know I’m being sold something that isn’t what it appears (or is it?). It’s been packaged well, the wrapping is nice and it makes a sweet and mysterious sound when you hold it up to your ear and shake it. Regardless, I think this song and the clip (which makes the song ‘sound’ even better) is stunningly beautiful.

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  1. Thomas Baricevic Says:

    Glendyn. I have to agree with here. She’s nothing more than what Bowie created with Stardust. An image.. a persona illusion..coupled with something haunting. Lynch would be proud of her.

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