LA LA pt 1

April 4th, 2011 by Glendyn

Currently in L.A. on route to New York where Last Ride is screening at The Museum of Modern Art! More on that later…

Also I’ve recently signed to SKUNK here in L.A for commercial representation in the U.S, so it has been a good opportunity to meet the team face to face and not via skype. SKUNK has a great roster of directors, including fellow aussie John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition) and one of my favorite Belgian directors Koen Mortier who made a great film Ex Drummer a couple of years back (Such a freaky film, so wrong but so right. Watch the first 5 minutes here.).

I’ve only been to L.A a few times, but each time it creeps a little more under my skin. I can see why some people love it and some people hate it. Even though I find it a pretty tricky place at times, I’m really starting to like the place and all the possibility it holds.

Nat (below) is travelling with me and this is the first time we have been ‘child free’ for a long while. It’s a good time. Of course we are missing the kids, but it’s so good to spending ┬ásome quality time together!

2 Responses to “LA LA pt 1”

  1. Paul Shanahan Says:

    I so loved Ex Drummer the film. A crazy punk ride.

  2. Micro Says:

    Matilda wants the wedding dress … she is obsessing on wedding girls…

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