June 12th, 2012 by Glendyn

Just spent the coolest few days with my son Ollie (9). Rather than me fly down to Melbourne for the weekend, he flew to Sydney (unaccompanied!) and we had a fantastic boys long weekend. We have never hung out together for such an extended period of time where it’s ‘just us’. Went to Luna Park while the sun was out and spent the last day or so days indoors out of the heavy rain. Watched Hugo and Real Steel (which was surprisingly good, much better than that trailer makes it out to be and beautifully shot I thought!). Interestingly even though they are very different films, both are very good stories of ten year old boys reconnecting with their fathers/father figures. And they both feature robots!

I photographed Ollie in the reflection of the triple glazed glass at the gate lounge while waiting for him to board his flight home to Melbourne. Felt very weird handing him over to the flight attendant and seeing him strut off down the flight bridge. Such a cool kid. The apartment seems a little empty tonight.


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  1. c.puddy Says:

    Did you happen to be in Newtown on the Saturday?

    I got off my train and was just walking towards Enmore Road and thought it was you (with Ollie) that I walked past but was too afraid to say hi to face sheer embarrassment if I was wrong…

    If it was you that was the closest brush with one of my biggest idols and I can’t believe I didn’t even say hi :(

  2. c.puddy Says:

    I swear I saw you with Ollie in Newtown just near the train station on Saturday but was too afraid to say hi or ask if it was out of sheer embarrassment…
    but if it was you then that’s the closest brush with one of my biggest idols and i’m so angry that i didn’t say hi :(

  3. Glendyn Says:

    Hey C.Puddy! Yes that was Ollie and I heading to the station on our way to Lunar Park!. You totally should have said ‘Hi!’ : )

  4. melanie Says:

    Boys weekend sounded great… I am putting the girls on a plane to Melbourne (alone also) in a few weeks.Such an interesting idea putting them on a plane without us! I bet you must be ready to go home, how much longer are you there?? Melanie x

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