I’ve seen the future…

January 4th, 2010 by Glendyn

Currently in Shanghai continuing the commercial shoot I began before Xmas. Man, what a city. The local production crew call it the Wild Wild East. It’s pretty crazy and intense. I love it! An amazing and very visceral mega-city where thousands of years of chinese culture and heritage is ramming face first into a fast, ever changing and modernist future.

Despite the giant leaps though, Chinese officials do block Facebook and Youtube (Gasp! Horror!), and much to my surprise they also block all eBlogger and WordPress sites, thats about every blog on the internet! So I’ve used my limited hacking skills to get around the firewall for now, but I doubt I’ll be updating in the next week or so…

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  1. EDDIE WHITE Says:

    Amazing city hey? I love the guys on bicycles carrying huge piles of stuff. Saw one riding with three plates of glass resting in between himself and the steering wheel.

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