March 13th, 2010 by Glendyn


I am looking to produce a mini-documentary featuring a ‘unique and unconventional, young urban MALE sound maker’ the doco will be featured on a website for a new ‘energy drink’. This artist can be located anywhere in the world! They will be paid!

I am looking for someone who is unique in what they do and is passionate about their music and philosophy. They need to be fearlessly energetic and breakthrough, not mainstream. The sound I’m looking for should be personal and unique, but ultimately have its roots in urban music and culture. It would be best if they used vocals / words in some way, and perhaps electronics in their performance.

We had found the perfect artist in DAN DEACON and the film was going ahead, but ‘due to circumstances beyond our control’, this can no longer happen. Dan was perfect though, his energy is infectious and plays a show like nobody else. Check him out here…

or here

But it doesnt have to be in that style, have a look at BUTTERSCOTCH. She would also be perfect if she was MALE (we are doing another film featuring a female) and we can’t have both films with women…

Another guy who would be perfect, but he was not interested is DUB FX. His has a unique take on a traditional form of urban music, passionate, creative and dynamic. This clip gets better the more you watch it.

As an example of something we liked but went out of the boundaries, was LUCKY DRAGONS although creative and unique, they were too experimental with their sound. Perhaps more in the sphere of performance art. Which is awesome, but not totally right for this project. But they were nearly on brief…

Ultimately what we are looking for is very hard to define and is open to interpretation and yes, subjective.

But if you could break down… Male, age 18-30ish, Solo (Duo maybe), Vocal, Amazing performance, English speaking, anywhere in the world, new talent – undiscovered or just about to break through!

So is there another Dan Deacon, or someone incredible that we haven’t seen…!?

We are working to a very tight deadline and are hoping to find suitable artists over the next 2 days! Please forward any suggestions that you think may be suitable and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly, or via facebook, or leave a comment below…


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  1. goodbyeparis Says:

    Check them. You may like it:


    Dan Sartain

  2. artcade Says:

    Reggie Watts

    Mc Chris

  3. Glendyn Ivin Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions guys…!

  4. ellen Says:

    this guy played at peats ridge festival over new years, definitely passionate in philosophy and practice and and interesting sound

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