September 11th, 2010 by Glendyn

Tomorrow morning I’m jumping on a plane to Vladivostok, Russia. I’m heading to the ‘Pacific Meridian Film Festival‘. I travelled there six years ago with Cracker Bag and the festival have now invited Last Ride into their feature film competition.

The last time I was there. I got a really bad dose of food poisoning. I remember counting down the minutes till I could get on a plane out of there. I vowed never to return to Russia, anywhere in Russia, with the just the thought of it making my stomach churn for months afterwards.

But time heals all wounds it seems and I was quite pleased to be invited back. It’s quite a fascinating place. When I was there last I took a bunch of photos and I have always wanted to go back and try and document the place a little better. This time I have organised a driver / interpreter / fixer to assist me. I have no real plans, just a list of places and things that might lead to one thing or another. I’m quite excited about what I might find.

Below a few selects from my last trip.

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