October 4th, 2012 by Glendyn

Flaming Youth, Photographs from Puberty Blues is now also available as an eBook here for AUD$4.99 (or click on the book cover, top right, for more info). The eBook is pretty much the same as the hardcover version except you can’t feel the weight of it in your hands, or the texture of the paper on your fingertips or press your nose firmly to the page and inhale the sweet perfume of freshly printed ink.

The eBook also costs a fraction of the price of the physical copy, which is a true indicator of the cost of nice paper, ink and boutique printing these days.

I could have just created an eBook, but I love, love, love the printed page and buy photographic books almost obsessively. Apart from actually taking photos (or making films), sitting and observing the work of others is the best education there is!

Also available on iTunes.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Hi Glendyn, I’ve more than enjoyed the tv series and having this book of your beautiful images is such a bonus. Thanks for creating and sharing with us Flaming Youth, although I only have the ebook version at this stage I’ll be hinting to the wife for a freshly printed copy for xmas – nothing beats print!

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