July 10th, 2011 by Glendyn

Last day of pre was on Friday. Shoot starts tomorrow. Weekend was spent soaking up some family time and last minute script tweaks with writer Judi McCrossin.

There was a good energy in the office on Friday. Everybody seemed reasonably calm and on track as much as could be expected. I’m usually pretty nervous the night before any shoot, but I’m actually pretty excited! I’m looking forward to getting on set and getting some of this story out of our heads and into a camera!

3 Responses to “END OF PRE…”

  1. Jak Says:

    Best Wishes to you, the cast and crew for the shoot (and post) in the upcoming weeks and months! Your pictures of the production process are exciting and inspiring – I hope I’m taking photos like these one day.

    I also wanted to say congrats on the spread in Monster Children – I picked up Issue 31 today and when I turned the page I did a classic double take, then checked the captions and recognised several of the photos you’ve posted here. Lovely pics all round!

  2. Karen Gray Says:

    Have been to Beaconsfield when it was just a sleepy tourist town bathed in warm aftrnoon sunshine and looked through the fence at the “working mine”. Lived through the horror of the collapse on TV. Cant wait so see how you bring it all together in this. Keep the posts coming.

  3. Olivia Says:

    These photos are absolutely amazing, you’re such an inspiration

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