Burning LEaves

October 29th, 2010 by Glendyn

I wrote about The Burning Leaves a while back. I used a song of theirs called Home on the closing credits of Last Ride. I was totally obsessed with that song for a long while and I still feel lucky I was able to make it part of the film.

It’s been a long time coming but I recently received a copy of their self titled debut album. I thought it would be good, but was I wrong. It’s freaking sublime! Recorded at home with vintage gear, listening to this album feels like discovering a forgotten classic from the 70′s.

The Burning Leaves to quote one reviewer “make haunting, melancholic vignettes that sound like they might break if you listen to them too loud.” It’s an accurate description. For me they tap into something so achingly beautiful with such simplicity that it seems all to effortless, but I’m sure they have sweated over every heartbeat of the 41 mins of the album.

My one complaint is that the album is only available through their MySpace page (Fifteen bucks! Free Postage!) For better or worse these guys are fiercely independent and so far have done everything themselves. No label. Which I’m more than impressed with, but it’s a crime that this album isn’t in every record store, in every city (both on and offline). I fear it’s going to become an undiscovered masterpiece. But what do I know… I’m not a musician nor am I in the music industry. Enough rambling.

I didn’t take the photos below, but I wish I did. I hope to work with Indie and Craig again soon.

Photos by Elena Heatherwick. Cool work on her blog!

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