Best Writing Software. Ever.

January 24th, 2011 by Glendyn

Like most of you, I procrastinate. Otherwise, why am I writing this and why are you reading this? No doubt, a part of my motivation to have a blog is to somehow legitimise the amount of time I spend fucking around on the internet, and not doing the things I actually want and need to do. While I love the internet and all the great things it has brought us, I hate the way my already gnat like concentration span can be even further reduced by the constant and nagging promise of something awesome that might be just a few simple clicks away.

But… I have found some heavy duty artillery in the war against time wasting. A little bit of ‘free’ software called Self Control.

It essentially does what I can not. It cuts me off from the endless stream of distraction that the interwebs provides. Sure you could unplug yourself, or switch off your wi-fi. But as I have found there will always be a valid reason (best cat youtube clip ever) for you to ‘re-connect’.

The genius of Self Control is that once you start it up and you bar yourself from the internet for the allotted time you have set, there is NO WAY of unblocking it. You will get no email, no web, no nothing, not even if you quit the software, not even of you restart your computer!!! Once you are offline, you stay offline until your time is up. So be really careful before you start off with setting the time limit to the maximum of 24 hours!

It works!

4 Responses to “Best Writing Software. Ever.”

  1. natedawg Says:

    i seriously had a million dollar idea like this a few weeks ago… does it stop phone and computer? everyone in the household? n

  2. Alice Says:

    Come on, that is a pretty cool cat video ;)

    But seriously, after the tragic writing day I’ve had, I think I’ve earned a few hours of enforced Self Control. Sigh…thanks for the heads up!

  3. Glendyn Says:

    Alice… What about the ‘baby and the snake’ youtube link? I had an idea to fill this post with a whole bunch of random links that would send even the most focused person into a procrastination dive, but I realised that the post would take me days to put together as I would be swept off into the web looking for linkage gold. Henceforth the post about NOT being distracted being a complete waste of time!

  4. Alice Says:

    Mate, that baby and snake video gave me nightmares! It was a good pick actually – enough to scare me off YouTube for a while.

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