May 27th, 2012 by Glendyn

Spent a few hours sitting with my Dad in Gosford hospital yesterday. He was much more together mentally than last weekend, but far more frail overall. At least we were able to have a chat.

Topics covered as he drifted in and out included. Forgiveness and regret. What constellation ‘heaven’ might be part of. About how it seems he decides on whether a film is good or bad  by how much swearing there is in it. How big a mouse has to be before it’s a rat. And how his illness might be in some way related to the fact that no-one in the hospital will give him strawberry ice-cream (the only food he seems interested in).

Kind of pleasant in a weird way. And perhaps some of the better time I’ve spent with my Dad over the last decade or so.

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  1. Anna Says:

    your photos are so raw and bring tears to my eyes and butterflies to my stomach, My heart aches, and I have no idea what you feel, all I can say I think of you and your family and may you find peace and beautiful happy memories there of the past but also your future, and of your family, as I am sure you have and will continue to do. x and that your next productions include, mice eating strawberry icecream, to find heaven without swearing rats….

  2. David Chidlow Says:

    We’ve just spent several months bedside with Danielle’s father as he fought a losing battle with Asbestosis and that time provided some wonderful, intimate and beautiful memories for us to cherish. It sounds like you may be experiencing a similar thing – savour those moments mate… and make sure you supply us all with your dad’s top five swearing film recommendations! Take care, Dx

  3. Jane Says:

    We often have conflicted relationships with parents (I’m sure my children say that about me!) but there’s a connection that is fundamental and elemental. best wishes at a tough time.

  4. melanie Says:

    I found that with dad also…. no need to slowly warm into deep connection, it was just there in a way that often people never get to experience. What came to me was why do we spend all this time together only walking on the edge of how incredible the relationship could really be?

  5. natalie Says:


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