September 30th, 2012 by Glendyn

I live a few blocks from where 29 year old Jill Meagher was recently abducted (and then raped, murdered and buried in a shallow grave ). It’s a terrible thing that has shocked our suburb of Brunswick, the city of Melbourne and the country as a whole. I visited a candle light vigil on Friday night¬†at the baptist church just a few meters from where Jill was last seen alive. The vigil was set up in response as a man was arrested and charged with Jills rape and murder. Almost a week to the day after Jill was last seen alive.

Today (Sunday), I marched¬†silently with 30 000 people down Sydney road in an emotional show of support for Jills family and friends. A sombre yet powerful display of a community making a stand against violence. In amongst the shock and sadness of the march there was something quite affirming about it. It was nice to know we live in a place where this kind of act can bring such an emotional and supportive response from ‘strangers’ on mass. Despite everything thats so wrong about this horrible crime, I came home from the march feeling there is way, way, way more good in the world than there is bad.

Above: the corner of Sydney Road and Hope Street last Friday night.



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  1. karen Gray Says:

    Hello Glendyn, I was just browsing the web and came accross the most incredible series of photos depicting the Ruins of Detroit. Viewing them made me think of your work and I thought you might enjoy them. Sorry if you have aleready seen them and I apologise for posting this comment in the wrong section. Just not sure how to get it to your attention. Check them out, I think you will enjoy them. Here is the link.

    Kind regards
    Karen Gray


  2. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Karen, yes. I’ve seen those photos and just looked at them again. SO surreal and beautiful in a really haunting way.Thanks for thinking of me! Hope you are all well. x

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