November 27th, 2011 by Glendyn

Happy Birthday Rosebud!

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  1. Duane Says:

    Hey Glendyn, whats your go-to lens for family snaps? I’m a recent Canon SLR convert and want to invest in a decent ‘all round’ lens…suggestions??

  2. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Duane,

    There is a fair bit of personal preference involved… and it also depends what kind of camera you have? Is it a full frame sensor (5Dmk2) or a cropped sensor (7D etc).

    I’m not much a fan of ‘zoom’ lenses. So I would dsuggest perhaps getting a good L series 35mm (which on a 7D cropped sensor would be about 47mm) which would be a good around lens. But if you like things a bit wider. Perhaps a 28mm (which on a 7D would be a 37mm approx) which would be wider and perhaps better for shooting landscapes, or portraits where you want to see a bit more of the environment etc.

    Good luck!

  3. Glendyn Says:

    ps. I hover between my 35mmm and 50mm. Rarely anything wider or longer.

  4. Duane Says:

    Thanks Glendyn,
    I have the 7D and a crappy zoom lens that came with my old 1000D. I bought a decent 50mm but find it a little soft in those spontaneous ‘baby moments’. Thanks for your thoughts, I’ve been digesting alot from
    Not sure if you’ve stumbled upon him?

  5. Glendyn Says:

    Hi Duane,
    Yeah… the 50 might be a bit ‘long’ for spontaneous moments (especially babies!) on the 7D. And focussing could be tricky. You might want to try a 35 or a 28mm not he 7d.
    Good luck!

  6. Glendyn Says:

    *on the 7D.*

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